KwaZulu-Natal Horse Society

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It is fitting that we begin and end the first chapter of the Society’s history with the opening comments as recorded in the first constitution drawn up by the founding members of the Natal Horse Society on 27 June, 1952, some 61 years ago.  This is what they wrote.

T  To promote the interests of Horse and Pony Breeding and to encourage the use and protection of Horses and Ponies.

2. To represent all those interested, and to endeavour to instill into the rising generations, the love felt by their predecessors for that most generous of all animals, The Horse, and to teach them what courage and inspiration may be derived from association with him.

3. To protect the Horse from all forms of cruelty or neglect and from any malpractice committed in the course of his training and use.

We pay tribute to those who gathered around a table with enthusiasm and what is most evident “the love of the horse”

Chairman:  Mr. J.A.M Shepherd; Hon. Secretary:   MR. J.D. Parmitor;    Hon. Treasurer:  Mr. C.P.W. Francis

Committee members: Mrs. B. Daintree, Col. A. G. McKenzie (MC) & Mr. J Pape.

On behalf of the executive committee I would also like to pay tribute to and extend our warmest gratitude to everyone who has made a contribution to the success of this society. KZN has always been a force to be reckoned with and are renowned for good sportsmanship as well producing quality riders, horses and ponies. Our show holding bodies are second to none. The committees, officials and office staff have ensured high standards have been maintained and have continued to be passionate about what they do. Sometimes there have been differences of opinion but, in most cases, with a common denominator of serving the sport.

Without the parents and sponsors, the success that this society has had would not have been possible. Their support and contribution has been invaluable. We are grateful to the grooms who lovingly look after our horses and ponies and take great pride when their charge is awarded a prize. Together we have celebrated victories and mourned the loss of those members, horses and ponies we have loved and who have passed on. They are all a part of our history and we will continue to pay tribute to them and yes, we still miss them. None of this would have been possible without the ever majestic horses and ponies, generous of spirit, eager to serve. They take pride of place in our sport, they are the reason we as a sport exist.

We are not sure what the future holds for the Society however, when these changes happened in Europe the British Horse Society, albeit with a greater number of members, maintained its integrity and structure to serve the equestrian community. We would like to be in a position to do likewise should it be deemed necessary and hence our proposal to keep the Society in existence for a period, which proposal was favoured by a majority of the members who voted in the referendum.

As we go forward into the next chapter, the challenge will be to ensure that KZN continues to thrive, and we should all continue to share in the many pages yet to be written. Last but not least, we wish the KZN Association chairmen, their committees and all members continued success and enjoyment of equestrian sport.

Stephen Heath



Executive members; Carol Wyrill, Gill Pater; Colin Scott; Priscilla Young, Karen Sutton and Gillian Elston


The Barry Yarnell Awards Evening

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Jessica Durrant  and her pony Tatoonie’s Sahara Star were awarded the 2012 Victor Ludorum, Dimmock Destiny Floating Trophy, in the Working Open Pony Rider category.

From left, Sandy Cox, Jessica Durrant, Stephen Heath & Jacquie Pappas




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SA Junior Champs Eventing Teams

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Congratulations to our Junior Eventing Teams who were both victorious at SA Junior Championships 2012

EV 1.00m Team

Heather MacLeod

Rebecca Pinnell

Dani Spall

Kelsey Tattersall

Leigh-Anne Windle

EV 0.90cm Team

Lauren Cutting

Guy Houston

Jamie-Lee McGregor

Bernelee Waghorn


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